Saturday, February 25, 2012

Barry Manilow and Fangirls

Yes, you read the title right. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I'm discussing Barry Manilow. Because, while it may seem hard to believe, he was uber popular in the 80s. And part of the 90s - trust me, I know. I was taken to two of his concerts (once when I was four, and again when I was eight). But this isn't about me. Nope, this is about my mother.
My mother, my darling mum, was once a member of the Barry Manilow fan club. She once wrote him a fan letter. She used to go to club meetings because she was happy to finally find others who were fans because she didn't know anyone else who liked him. And then she stopped. Why? Because things got weird. (It's like nothing's changed; except for me, I didn't go to a fanclub but instead joined Tumblr).

Anyway, things got weird. My mother told me the women at these meetings were creepy and obsessed. They made drawings and stories and harshly judged and hated anyone he dated. Because music is so intimate an art form and because so many of his songs were about love, especially sung by a person who seemed lonely. And thus, they think he's actually a very lonely person just looking for the right one. And they, as his biggest fans, are it.

So, this kind of killed my mother's interest in being associated with Manilow's fanclub. And now, having sired a fangirl herself, she's able to relate to my weirdness with Tumblr and writing a fan letter (which I actually did; yikes) and so on and so forth. So thank you, Barry Manilow, for adding a extra bonding layer between me and my mother. Also, thank you for Copacabana, because that song is utterly, brilliantly lame and I love it.

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  1. Actually Manilow was REALLY popluar between 1976 and 1980 or so. everything he released was a hit. It's amazing but his concerts STILL do really well and he puts on the best live show that I've ever seen..and I'm a guy that like all kinds of music.