Friday, March 9, 2012

Discovery Channel

  - discovery: “who is that sex god and why haven’t i noticed him before”

Welcome to the first stage of fangirling. If you've found yourself in this strange, strange world, fear not. For you are not alone.

When I was younger, I never fangirled about a person; it was always just a movie or a book. I think the first thing I was ever obsessively devoted to was the Disney film The Great Mouse Detective. I watched that movie so many times when I was younger (in all honesty, I still love that movie to a ridiculous degree; I think I partially blame it for my eventual obsession with Sherlock Holmes and the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories). However, around the time The Lord of the Rings movies came out, I got pretty damn obsessed with Aragorn and Elrond (yes, Elrond, shut up, haters) though I was too young to understand that I was turning into a fangirl. It became more obvious with Lupin in Harry Potter and Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. But the first time I ever became obsessed with an actor (and not the character they portrayed) was over Ewan McGregor.
Yes, the charming and amazing Ewan McGregor. I have endured teasing for having a thing for Scotsmen even since (c'mon, guys, it's not my fault that there's so many talented Scottish actors with pleasing personae). It's hard to trace where it started in retrospect; all I know it wasn't with Moulin Rouge, unlike most. No, I think it was actually The Island (best part of Biology in high school, serious). Why? Well, he's gorgeous. That was it. And I realized he was incredibly talented at about the same time (dude, he was good in a Michael Bay film. That takes serious skill). After this, I mentally kicked myself for not realizing who he was before and before I knew it, I was on to step two... ("We go take our two million dollars and go to Rio!" Oh, wait, that's The Producers... and step five for how to produce a flop if I'm remembering correctly...)

And now for some hedgehog nonsense...

Absurd. Hedgehogs don't drink coffee and cats don't use science (especially the science of deduction).

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