Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do Your Research

research“i have to find out everything about him omg what is his full name what is his birthday do you think he has a wife does he have children does he like jam does he like cats i wonder what photos there are of him is he even real omg”

For those of you still with me on the stages of fangirling, here we are on step 2. Admittedly, this is a stage I personally don't know a lot about. Not because I'm unaware of its existence but... well, I have my limits. And researching someone creeps the hell out of me.

Now, that's not to say I've never read someone's biography on IMDB or clicked on their name in a Wikipedia article. Because I have. Multiple times. It's just that it never really goes any farther than this and thus maintain a fairly naive idea of my favorite celebrity's lives. Because having too much knowledge about them makes me feel really, really creepy.

Coming from a girl who has only "Facebook stalked" someone once in her entire existence (given I didn't have Facebook until 2007 or so, that's not saying much) (but in my defense, I was Facebook stalking someone I had just friended and was going out on a date with) I'm not one for "researching" people on the interwebs. Perhaps it's the whole "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" business which is personally one of my favorite mantras and the best thing I learned in Catholic school (yeah, I went to Catholic school. Story for another time). Basically, if I knew people were Googling my name to find out everything possible about my existence on planet Earth because they had decided I was suddenly the most fascinating thing in their lives, I would be more than a little uncomfortable. Hence my refusal to do such things. Thus, I only find out stuff about the actors I like through various publications (books - namely autobiographies they might happen to write *cough, Barrowman, cough*, magazines, etc) (because I will buy a magazine if my favorite celebrity does an interview in it; that's less creepy to me - they're agreeing to do an interview with someone, not having their life story told my some fan who's some how commandeered all of these details of their lives).
However, Tumblr has introduced a new hurdle in my "sweet" little attempt at trying to be a mundane fangirl: posting information that I just happen to read and then feel immensely unsure of how to deal with. Consider this post I just saw today (I'd picture it here, but it's too large for me to get a screen-shot of it).

We are of course talking about Cumberbatch again (dude, I mention him so much on here, you could do shots to my blog. DON'T GET ANY IDEAS, YOU.) And while I agree very, very much that love is more than just looks (though I will admit it was Cumberbatch's looks that caught my attention first; guilty as charged for being shallow but really I only saw photos of him on Tumblr before I actually saw him act... random tangent, and different stage of fangirling) this... this makes me feel all... is there even an English word for it? The only thing that pops into my head is oogely... whatever the hell that's even supposed to mean. I get this tight feeling in my stomach with kind of flutters, a tight feeling in my throat and yet a deep sudden appreciation for Cumberbatch in how epic this makes him sound. But also a sort of... well, fear at how the writer came across this information and made this sort of list. I could make a list of this sort for my friends Kevin and Sarah - because I've known Kevin since I was 11 and Sarah since junior high (and she's been my roommate for the past two years). However, to list of these attributes for someone you've (I'm guessing) have never met and who's life story you've (probably) gathered through various articles and blogs and interviews and tweets and etc, etc, etc... It's kind of intense, that.

So now I wouldn't even have to search for this information if I wanted to; it just finds my eyeballs on Tumblr. I find this makes it much easier to be more obsessed faster; when you don't have to hunt and spend time finding out details about someone you think is interesting, it makes it that much faster to intensify your interest in them.

More to say, as always, but I'll leave it there for now. BTW, this otter-Cumberbatch business is really catching on. It was apparently in a newspaper in England and now fangirls are worried that it will spiral out of control (as shown by the comments here):

And to add to that, here's an example of our favorite BAFTA-winning actor being compared to an erinaceinae and his wonderful costar being likened to a sea mammal:

And this...

Oh fangirls... what have you wrought?

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