Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Awards Shows are Dangerous for Fangirls

So, somewhere between trying to write a research paper, writing a fan letter (yeah, I did it; more about that some other time), and trying to get over my post-Oscar ennui and accept that I will never get invited to the Oscars and that my Jarlesburg cheese and champagne celebration at home will have to do, I somehow lost a grip on whatever sort of linear progression I was attempting to create on this blog.

I then decided that there is nothing linear about being a fangirl, writing, or life in general and decided "to hell with that!" Unfortunately for you, dear readers, that means skimming over my posts isn't going to make a whole lot of sense. Not that they make sense now. But at least before there was going to be some illusion of symmetry. But honestly, I don't work that way.
But back to the Academy Awards. I spent most of it searching the audience and red carpet for my current celebrity obsession, feeling rather dumb when a bunch of people on Tumblr bragged about doing the same thing the next day. Of course, this then felt like some form of cyber-stalking and I rebuked myself for crossing lines again. So, instead of diagnosing myself as an obsessive fangirl, I started thinking about the whole idea of watching the Oscars (thank you, television class, for causing me to analyze everything I watch on TV now). Why do we watch the Oscars? Why do we attach such fascination to celebrity culture?

These two questions could take an entire dissertation to answer, so I'm going to try and keep it short and sweet. Basically, celebrities represent everything we want out of life - respect, money, appreciation, beauty. And while we're all told that any of us could achieve that, that any of us could find ourselves in their shoes, living a life of glitz and glamor.

Of course, it's not that easy. Success on that level only comes after years and years and years of studying, practicing, acting, freezing between takes in outdoor scenes, being away from friends and families for long periods of time, and spending long hours traveling, filming and rehearsing. Of course, all of this is easy to overlook when shows like ET and publications like People magazine show celebrities lounging on the beach and driving their new Ferrari. And yet there's still this feeling that, like Justin Bieber, all it takes is one Youtube video and we could be in the fame club. And seeing the Oscars on TV, so close at hand (and yet infinitely far away)... well, it's confusing and mind-bending to say the least. The sky's the limit - but there's so many ways to read this phrase.

To end these posts, especially some of these heavier ones, I thought I'd start including a photo of Martin Freeman compared to a hedgehog along with a snarky comment of mine why it's unfair (because I'm good at snarky). So, here we go:

(Okay, ignore the cuteness of the hedgehog. Ignore the cuteness.) Martin Freeman has won a BAFTA. I doubt any hedgehog has.

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