Monday, April 2, 2012

In Which Tumblr Makes Me Feel Like a Jackass
Take a look at this page. And this one too. It's election time - not for American politics, but for the yearly selection of Time's 100 Most Influential People. And, as fangirls will, they've started a campaign on Tumblr to vote for Benedict Cumberbatch to make sure he's on the list (if not number one).

This makes me feel like an enormous jackass.

Why? I found out last weekend that the brilliant Benedict was nominated and, of course, voted for him because I think he deserves it. Did I find out that he was on the Time poll from Tumblr? Probably. But it was before I started seeing any of these "campaign ads." It was just a brief mention of both him and the fabulous Michael Fassbender being nominees. And I thought, "heck yes, I'm voting for him. He's had a succession of well-received movies come out, he's staring in a widely-acclaimed BBC show. He's apparently a fantastic person to work with and does a lot of humanitarian deeds. Does he deserve it? More than Rush Limbaugh? More than Rick Santorum? Um, YEAH." (Because, if we're going with influential here, I'm talking positively influential, not influential in effect Limbaugh and Santorum have upon the my politically cynical mind. And future of the human race as we know it. But I digress.) But now I just feel like a jackass for being lumped in this band wagon voting for him. Because, whatever I may argue, I'm still a fangirl. And not all my reasons for voting were as justifiable as the ones I've written out.

And while we're on the topic of influential, you should read this article: The Benedict Cumberbatch Situation. Read it? I stumbled across this some time ago and was kind of... well, flabbergasted. A) I didn't realize Cumberbatch had become so popular. And B) "He's not a man, he's a situation."


Okay, okay, so I know this article is supposed to be comedy. BUT WHAT?

THIS is a situation:

(Sorry, rather partial to this picture, as this is basically my job as an assistant building manager in a college apartment complex. But I digress! (Again.))

This is THE Situation:

Um... why are you famous again?
And this is Benedict Cumberbatch:

He is not a predicament that may or may not involve misfortune (and a funny bison hat). He is not a tacky reality star with totally overrated muscles (that's right Sorrentino, I don't care that you have muscles. So do all human beings. Yours do not get special treatment). No, he is Benedict Cumberbatch, human being. I may know next to nothing about him, but I can tell you that he is a man, not a situation. And definitely not an otter.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Time Magazine. (I just had a Craig Ferguson moment there, where he goes off on tangents and is like, "What was I talking about?" You know, Craig Ferguson of The Late Late Show? Never mind...)

Since the weekend has ended, I have seem oodles and oodles of propaganda-type things, calling for fangirls to vote for Cumberbatch. And it seems it's paying off. As of 8:56 pm Central time tonight, here's the current standing:

FOURTH. HE'S FOURTH. And while my silly little heart is singing, "Yaaaay! Good for him!" my rational cold mind is going, "Balls." Because he's up there because of fangirls pushing for the vote. Which is brilliant devotion. And also kind of... well, I feel it's slightly... I don't know, awkward?

How do I explain this without sounding like a jerk? (well, considering I've already got the asshole part down...) I'd really, really like to see Cumberbatch get this because the general population of whoever Time Magazine is geared to (Americans? English-speakers? People who still get magazine subscriptions?) really thinks he's been incredibly influential in the last year. Not because a whole band of girls who really, really care and appreciate him but sometimes don't always operate with the best of intentions pushed and pushed for votes and made this into a popularity contest (which it probably has always been but still...) I just want people to appreciate Cumberbatch for who he is (is that weird for me to say? Yes, probably, of course. This whole thing is weird. But I'm good at weird). Of course, wanting everyone to know of and appreciate Cumberbatch is probably best relegated to the sphere of utopian dreams that involve world peace, true love, and actually finding a project group where I don't have to do all the heavy lifting (bad class day, can you tell?). But still... is it too much to ask for people to talk about Mr. Cumberbatch as a person instead of just a celebrity with awesome cheekbones and distinctive facial features and an appeal that is as unique as his name? Celebrities are people too.

Well, clearly this was a massive infringement upon my "thou shalt not use the name Cumberbatch two million times on this blog" commandment I sent in place for myself. But fuck it, rules were made to be broken. This sums up what it would have otherwise taken me five posts to say. And I had a crap day (for the good of mankind, no more group projects for people over the age of twenty. It is a terrible, cataclysmic idea). So forgive my indulgence, just this once, all yea of the internet blogosphere and of course Mr. Cumberbatch himself. I can only hope that I have made some sort of sense and haven't completely ostracized myself from the human race.

For those of you out there who are still with me, I appreciate it.

I'm actually out of Martin Freeman/hedgehog pictures for the moment, so this'll have to do. In my defense, there is a porcupine it it... which is kind of like a hedgehog. Shut up, I know it's a stretch. It's been one of those days...


  1. 1) Any dialogue on an actors being included on the Top 100 at all ahead of, say, humanitarians or political figures (i.e. David Boies or Ellen Johnson Sirleaf)?

    2) I think we need to have a chat about your hipsterness ;)

    1. 1) Considering that 75% of the people on the Top 100 were actors/musicians, I kind of overlooked it only because it's a topic that could take up another entire post. Bon Iver, Daniel Craig, Lana Del Ray, Zooey Deschanel, Ryan Gosling, Chelsea Handler, Ashton Kutcher, LFMAO, and Jessica Simpson are all nominees. Lots more to say on this now... I think this will require another post :D Especially as "Twitter personality" is now an occupation.

      2) I am not a hipster!!! Okay, so I totally am. ;) But no matter how popular Cumberbatch becomes, I will always be a fan of his. I just wish his high ranking on the Top 100 was more because people voting for appreciation of his skills and influence as an actor and public figure rather than out of obsession for his appearance and acting roles.