Thursday, May 3, 2012

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf, or: Internet, WTF?

So the other day I was immensely confused as to why Shia LaBeouf was being called a cannibal. Was it a possible movie roll? Did it have something to do with his last name? Was it just the internet being... well, the internet?

Guess what, guys and gals - it was totally the last one.
Yep, the internet, in its search for weirdness, has outdone itself. If you read this Washington Post article, you'll find that song writer Rob Cantor wrote a song about Shia LaBeouf being a cannibal because... well, because he could (you can find the video on Washington Post page or I've got a link to it from Tumblr in the previous post on this topic).

And now it's become an internet meme and it's all across Tumblr. I'm just going to accept for now that this is like the dead baby jokes I keep hearing (which are super popular but I find disturbing) and that I just don't get the humor in this. Maybe it's because if some guy I didn't know wrote a song about me being a cannibal, I'd be kind of weirded out (but then again, if someone did write a song about me, I'd also be kind of flattered. Because, you know, it's not everyday someone rights a song about you).

Despite all my confusion about this, once I finally figured out what was going on, this is probably "so 39 seconds ago." Thanks, internet. Thanks.

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