Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blogging as an "academic" fangirl

So I like how every time I log into Blogger it shows me the number of page views for this blog. Because we quantitative strange little pinkish-brown monkeys like numbers. Usually I try not to pay much attention to it (which fails), but I especially can't ignore it now because not only has it exceeded the number of page views I have for my personal blog (which has existed for over a year, while this blog has been running... what, like two and a half months?), it is beginning to freak me out. Right now the number's at 6330. That's a big ass number. And I'm kind of wondering who the heck is out there reading this. BECAUSE YOU KEEP COMING BACK. Even if it's just Google hits, looking for photos. Whoever is Googling "Martin Freeman + Jam" keeps coming here even though my blog has nothing to do with it all. I LOVE YOU ALL.
Look, I had another rough week in Academia. A bunch of professors are losing their job in the department I love and study in, the bureaucratic system is screwing with my roommate's capabilities to study abroad, I have been doing weird folk dances down the sidewalks in an attempt not to squish the surplus of caterpillars that feel the need to sun themselves on the concrete, and it's almost finals week. I am also turning into a very, very weird person who cannot spend one day without thinking about the term "modernity" and "post-modernity" at least once and scribbling notes to myself of story lines and dialogue snippets for a novel I am trying to write. All while wondering if I will actually be able to have conversations with anyone once I graduate because I'm getting really, really tangenty. Like right now. 

On the plus side, I get to do a directed study with my favorite professor! YES! Which means I get to learn more awesome, weird academic stuff to annoy people with! (Seriously, I'm really happy about this. If the university doesn't make it IMPOSSIBLE to register for directed study courses. Because the university is slowly becoming Mordor. That's right; I'm on to the fact that the light rail line you're building is actually housing thousands of Uruk-hai warriors. That would explain why it's still a giant mess pile of dirt over there after a year and a half and zero progress made.) (See what I mean about tangents?)

So any bit of confidence I can glean for my ridiculous endeavors on this blog (which I take far too much pride in and shall be smote for) is admired and appreciated. Which means, even if you're looking for picture of Martin Freeman nude and your attempts led you here, I thank you for stopping by regardless (and no, there are no nude picture of Martin Freeman here. Sorry. But may I interest you in a deconstruction of hedgehogs?) (And see what I mean about weird?)
On that note, I am STILL amazed by the amount of page views. And even though you're probably thinking, "OMG, shut up already, it's not even that much; my Myspace gets more hits than that per hour," I'm going to blabber on (by the way, does anyone still use Myspace?). Because I don't get it; there are loads of blogs about Martin Freeman on Tumblr; the fact that anyone is coming to my Blogger one at all is kind of a miracle. I mean, yeah, Blogger is sponsored by Google so image searches prioritize Google-based products (air high-five, my invisible technological overlords!) but I'm out here, name-dropping Baudrillard, discussing melancholia, and talking about fangirls like I'm studying suffragettes or something people would generally treat with a bit more legitimacy. The fact that you are not laughing in my face is good enough (because, you know, most people don't think cultural studies is a legit major. But it is. Go tell the University of Birmingham you think it's fake and prepare to be pwned). (I used pwned and University of Birmingham in the same sentence; ten points for Gryffindor (lies, I'd probably be in Slytherin)).

The only reason I'm even prattling on about page views is because certain select fandoms of Tumblr (wow, I just got this weird feeling I'm describing fantastical realms) have been... observed, shall we say, by certain celebrity personalities. This post describes how Amanda Abbington, Martin Freeman's wife, is familiar with fanblogs. This post talks about how Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch have discovered fan fiction - and they think it's cool. And gingerhaze, an amazing artist who posts her work on Tumblr, has been told that her work has been shown to Tom Hiddleston and that he likes it. To which she replied:
(Actually, I'm just totally writing this post because I love this pic so much).

So, on the .000000005% chance (which is roughly what 4 divided by 7 billion is, I think) that Freeman, Abbington, Cumberbatch or Hiddleston have stumbled across this blog (so statistically unlikely it is statistically significant... think about it) - hi, guys. Can we be bros? Of course, I could account for other people who might have stumbled across this blog who know the four mentioned above and are actively looking at fan stuff... because they can. And Kevin Bacon because... because the six degrees of Kevin Bacon demands it to be so. Thus, let's make it a nice round number of 100 because... just because. So that's around .0000001% chance. You know what I love about math (other than the fact that I can still remember how to do it)? It's deeply humbling. Of all the people who've visited this blog (assuming for the sake of simplicity that these are all new people who have come across my blog; probably not true but I am not a mathematician so we're keeping this simple), that's only .000009% of the world's population. This requires a gif:
(Disney, what would I do without you?)

My point is... do I have a point?  Wait, yes, yes, I do! My point is I'm not going to freak out that people are actually finding my blog. Because I want them to find it (duh) since there are a billion other sites they could be going to instead. And because the chance of the people finding it being simultaneously celebrities is so ridiculously low, I'm kinda thinking it's not actually the case. On the off-chance they are - the bro offer still stands.

Look, I run a blog. I have nothing to hide (or do I? Regardless, I don't blog about it... so you'll never know!). Anyone could read this. The president could read this. Kevin Bacon could read this. Aliens could read this. And I'm cool with that.

After this pointless randomness, I have a small victory - I have finally found the source of why Martin Freeman is supposedly made of jam. It can be found here. (Look, this has legitimately bothering me what the correlation was. It's kind of a stretch, but knowing now at least makes me feel that all of those people who were Googling for Martin Freeman + Jam may not have a totally fruitless search. Oh God... fruitless. I just made an jam-related pun. Help).

There is nothing more I can say tonight. So here's a picture of a hedgehog.


  1. Sigh.

    Coming to you as a blogging professor at Concordia College in Moorhead (The Summa:

    Who is Martin Freeman?

    1. Hi; thanks for reading! Martin Freeman is an English actor, known for his appearances in the British version of The Office, films like Hot Fuzz, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and most recently for the BBC show Sherlock (where he plays Dr. John Watson) and the upcoming adaption of The Hobbit. He's also won a BAFTA (yes, that is important). This hardly does his career justice, but it's the bare basics. Hope this helps!