Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tix for Cheltenham

So, I'm passing on the word about this blogger's dilemma because I have the worst luck in the world getting tickets for anything (every time I try to buy something through Ticket Master the minute they go on sale, somehow, cruelly, all tickets are sold out. I'm looking at you, Adele concert. And you too, Florence and the Machine. How I actually got tickets to see U2, the world will never know).
If you have tickets for the event M56 WW1 Piano and Poetry at Parabola Arts Centre, part of the Cheltenham Music Festival (which pretty much sounds like the coolest thing in the world) and for some reason you cannot attend, and for some bizarre-er reason you are reading this blog (hey, it could happen), please contact this blogger. Because I live vicariously through people cooler than myself and it would be really great and fantastic if Atalanta could go. And because I run a blog and the internet is a powerful and very strange place, someone might see this and make two girls very, very, very happy.

And to guarantee that people will stop here by mistake and be forced to read this, I'll even throw in some random gifs to make this appealing:
(Is it weird that the above gif is the first thing I ever saw about Sherlock? Yeah, yeah it is.)
(This blog just needs more Gatiss.)
(Oh, I'm sorry; did I just throw the mother of all Sherlock gifs at you? Yes. Yes I did).

So now that I've upped the chances of someone stumbling across this post through absolutely ridiculousness... if you've got tix and can't go, you know what to do. Because Benedict Cumberbatch reading poetry? Stravinsky and Ravel and Debussy? A lament to the sinking of the Lusitania?
Agreed, Agnes. Agreed :D


  1. The absurd number of GIFs pleases me. :D

    Also, so, so close. It's Atalanta. ;)

    (P.S. Muy thankful for helping!)

    1. Oh no; sorry about the typo on your name! It's like I saw but did not observe :P Glad you enjoyed the GIFs and you're welcome!

  2. Looks interesting, ill be sure to check it out. Cheltenham tips