Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Clothes May Make a Man, Part II
I had no intention of writing a follow-up to my previous blog post. I was really hoping to get back to finishing my post on Atonement and discuss a couple articles from The Guardian my mom found for me or maybe even dive into the complicated fandom surrounding the Once-ler from The Lorax.

No such luck. Because I found this article. And it got me a bit put out about the universe. (However, I am somewhat gladdened at the fact that the Once-ler still fits into all of this :P)

Of course, I am rather more upset about this article than if it was bashing someone I didn't know much about. But because it's Benedict Cumberbatch, I was rather disheartened. I mean, what has he ever done to anyone? It's not like he's Mark Zuckerberg, who may or may not have stolen his idea for his company from Harvard classmates. It's not like he's Paris Hilton who was born into extreme wealth and hasn't done much other than spend, party, and be an utter twat on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (awkwardest interview ever. Poor Craig). He's not like James Cameron who deep-sea dives in a submarine to the Titanic because he bloody can. He seems like a nice, kind, level-headed guy. Which makes Archie Bland's comments all them more severe.

I think what makes this article utterly offensive and odious is the name-calling. For Christ's sakes, people - it's his birth name. How is making fun of it like Bland not a form of bullying? I rather like this comment that I found at the end of the article:

Wonderfully said, so I'll leave that there. And then I saw another comment, of which I was wondering myself:

Bingo. I have no idea what the salary would be like for a journalist writing for The Independent, but I imagine it's probably rather good. I'm getting the feeling this journalist just enjoys being an internet troll and decided to write an article to do exactly that. So it's probably not worth getting all up at arms with... but I'm still a bit agitated, so I'm going to anyway. :P

This whole bashing, for reasons I talked about before, just simply doesn't do any good, other than making people feel terrible. The writer says Cumberbatch has nothing to complain about and then perfectly illustrates exactly what the problem is. This isn't like claiming reverse racism, which doesn't really make sense because claiming that a minority is suppressing a majority is impossible. But, as the Occupy movement tells us, the wealthy are in the minority (the 1%) and so it seems actually mathematically likely that such prejudice could occur. But because this involves money, it assumed that such people are far better off.

Clearly none of these people listened to the Beatles growing up.

Okay, so OBVIOUSLY having money is a necessity and having more of it provides advantages (paying bills, having health care, a certain sense of security). But it doesn't solve provide everything (happiness, satisfaction, love, cures for ills, you get the idea). It provides the means, but not the ends. And being happy in general is just hard. I think shmem-the-pem on Tumblr sums this up pretty well. But I'm just not the sort of person who puts a lot of faith in money.

I also like what this blogger from the Telegraph has to say about this. In some ways, this is just the reverse of what was said and done towards people in the lower class not so long ago. By trying to flip the script and inverting things, everything just seems... crappy.

What's interesting and bothersome is the degree to which people are upset with this apparent poshness, even (according to one of the commenters) apparently calling for Cumberbatch to change his name. (Nooooo... it's a beautiful, lovely name. Hold on, I need a gif for this...)

I just don't get the extremes Cumberbatch's comments are generating. I mean, in the original article I found this in from the Huffington post (the link actually works now; yay) Cumberbatch mentions that he'd like "to be offered a job as a blokey, Danny Dyer-type character, but it hasn't happened yet." His background seems to lead to sort of typecasting. I get the vibe (and yes, this is only my impression and my opinion - as always) that all he wants is for people to see him as a person, not as pile of cash. Really it doesn't seem too much to ask.

So it would seem the best thing to do in this situation is to ignore the haters and not give a damn. Which another British actor seems to be doing pretty well with:

"What would you like your fans to know?"
"Cinnamon Toast Crunch only has 30 calories a bowl."
Congratulations, sir.  Considering the tabloids are saying this:
I much prefer you telling me that Cinnamon Toast Crunch appears to be a low-calorie cereal. The amount of win in your diversion of George Stephanopoulos' question it amazing. Rock on, British actors. Rock on.

And because I'm in a random mood, I've realized that or some reason, the Google query "erotic hedgehog" led to my blog.

I just... I... ah...


And that was BEFORE I wrote the "sexy versus cute" post. So I have no idea what that's all about. But, for your efforts, dear Googling person, I give you this:
Because I have no idea what you were initially looking for. And that's as close as we're gonna get on here. You're welcome.

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