Monday, September 10, 2012

The Hedghog Vlogs: The Rules of Tumblr

DISCLAIMER: It has come to my attention that I'm quite an idiot at times. Like a lot. So, while I'm keeping this post up in it's original format, I'm also including a disclaimer in here saying that this is NOT how to make a vlog. One does not start in the middle of blog and act like everyone knows who you are (in my defense, the video was never actually going to be on Youtube but Blogger's video upload feature really sucks so it was just easier in Youtube. But that's a crappy excuse). Anyway, with my utmost apologies to Dudeufugly, Tumblr, and the world in general, I present to you how to look like an absolute prat outside the context of your blog. I'm not perfect - and this is a wonderful illustration of how utterly imperfect I am. Carry on.

Thanks to my friend, Ashley, I've gotten completely addicted to a series of video blogs (or vlogs) called Eat Your Kimchi. Aside from learning awesome information about South Korea from a Canadian couple that lives there, I have also been thoroughly entertained by it and convinced that I should try my hand at vlogging. So I did. Even though it felt like this:
Regardless, here it is in all its infinite weirdness... and yes, it's even on Youtube (because it was the only way I could figure out how to upload it with out exploding my apartment's internet). Enjoy.

Links mentioned above: The rules of Tumblr (be aware of Lil Wayne on autoplay)

For watching, I give you (what else) a hedgehog!


  1. Well, to be fair, the thought of the masses taking over a social website (particularly a blogging site) is usually good reason to be worried. Mostly because this site has become a place for a certain kind of person to really feel at home. It's not like people are trying to say "No, don't come here! Only we cool, fangirls have the RIGHT to be here." It's more along the lines of, "This is our sanctuary, please don't soil it... as you inevitably will."

    You're a fan of Facebook, which is obvious and COMPLETELY fine. I quite like it too. It's a great place to keep up with close and distant friends. It's the main medium I use to interact with a number of people I know in real life. It’s the only way I can in some cases, for family and friends that don’t live in the same area that I do. However, I also understand that I'm not a single layer, available for everyone to inspect, poke at me, and prod me as they like through one lens. I have another part of me that I'm not so keen to share with everyone else. Not that I'm ashamed of what is on my blog (please, I LOVE my blog and so do others), but it's something personal. I know, I'm sharing it with a whole bunch of strangers, right? But they aren't just ANY strangers, they're people who obviously like what I'm putting up and understand me on a level that most people in my real life cannot do.

    If people you know in person can see what you post to your Facebook and you don’t feel judged for it, I am happy for you. Really, I am. I know that a couple of my friends would get it (some only to an extent. I mean, you can only refer to some many fandom things before fan fiction comes up), but a majority of mine friends would NOT. And I believe that a lot of Tumblr users would agree that their friends would not either. And for many people, having themselves exposed like that is an incredibly scary thought that they would jump through Hell to avoid ever having to face that situation. What's so wrong with wanting to keep something so personal out of the hands that could destroy it and part of them with it?

    Let's put it this way: you wouldn't post something on Facebook about the details of your menstrual cycle that month, would you? I mean, I suppose you could, but it's not the usual thing you post a status updated with. Now, it's not to say you're ashamed of being a woman (because there is NO shame in that), but you just don't feel compelled to share it with the world. You have the right to keep that to yourself and people should respect that right.

  2. You pin-point it exactly: Tumblr IS a community. Not just that, but a whole new CULTURE. Is that not amazing? Is it not fascinating how we, as a younger generation, have been able to take something close to us and CREATE with it? If only our parents and grandparents knew what potential we had... but that's the thing about culture; it's there for the people who are a part of it. It doesn't need to be widely spread. It doesn't need to be acknowledged by the world. It just needs to be what it needs to be for those who require it and what to RELISH in it.

    As for dudeufugly’s blog, it doesn’t really matter what she posts on her blog (within constructive bounds, of course) because that blog is there for HER. She loves Benedict Cumberbatch. That much is obvious. So do a number of other people (particularly on Tumblr, as I’m sure you’ve noticed). She posts a lot of the same pictures of him. I think it’s obvious she likes him in that particular outfit. But does that really blow your mind? Does liking something THAT MUCH blow your mind? It’s obvious you’re a Sherlock fan (good choice!) and a Torchwood fan. You are a fangirl, so you must understand the amount of enthusiasm goes into liking a TV show, or a book franchise, or even a person (as you mentioned loving Captain Jack). Call it stalking (a word you used to describe yourself, mind you) if you like, but I like to think of it as appreciation. And his appreciation goes far. Did you know that his fans raised over 9,000 pounds in his name for the Teenage Cancer Trust on his birthday this year? I wouldn’t call that stalking, I’d call that devotion to a man who stands for more than just a pretty face, but for a cause and something good. Sure, some people reblog his face more than others do, but that’s for them and certainly not for anyone else. So let her reblog Benedict Cumberbatch over and over and over again if she likes.

    I’m a Tumblr user and I’m a Facebook user. I’m a Sherlock fan and I’m a Benedict Cumberbatch fan. I’m proud of my blog, but I chose not to share it with others. It’s something that is very close to my heart and it’s something I rather not lose. If anyone has a problem with that, it’s their problem, not mine.

    1. Can I apologize again for this video? (I commented on Youtube about it but I need to here as well). Dudeufugly probably won't read this and you probably won't as well now, but I am very, very sorry for how I apparently come across in this video. I'm much better at writing, I think, than I am at speaking and this clearly comes across if I sound like this much of a tool :( I do have a rather supportive group of friends on Facebook, and those that don't support me, I couldn't care less so I continue with my antics anyway. I really, really didn't mean to judge Dudeufugly's blog or anyone's Tumblr blog; I AM utterly blown away by the devotion I see out there. That's why I'm writing this blog - because I want to better understand why people (myself included) are so enraptured by shows/people that we create things like fan fic and blogs and art about them. I am aware of the fundraising the fans did for Mr. Cumberbatch's birthday and I think that's absolutely wonderful.

      I meant to come off as kind of tongue and cheek about dudeufugly's blog - obviously she doesn't just reblog the same photo over and over - but I clearly came off as a judging asshole instead. I'm sorry for that. I promise that if you looked at the rest of this blog as a whole rather than just this video, you'd find a better representation of fangirls and the Tumblr community. While I am critical of fandoms at times (who isn't, with the issues surrounding Moffat getting rid of his Twitter?) for the most part I really admire them. I mean, I am a fan. I do what you do. If I'm being critical of you, then I'm also being critical of myself. And I'm sorry that wasn't well expressed here.

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