Sunday, October 14, 2012

I think I broke Blogger

I took the weekend off to do some hanging out with friends and have now returned to my computer for school work, only to find that both the stats and the pageviews on my home page of Blogger are at zero. As in no one has ever viewed this blog, ever. Though I believe that to not be the case. At all.
It's not that I care about the page view counter, it's that I care about the blog working properly. And because I'm now concerned that all of my blog drafts or posts will disappear overnight, I'd kind of like the annoying little graph and number counter to return please, oh Google overlords.

Anyway, this is a pointless little post simply taking note of my ongoing failures with technology. New post coming soon. But for now I'm back to writing a paper on the limitations of cinematic auteurism...

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