Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Space Villains

I'd apologize about the lack of updating on this blog, but I'm really not sorry. Three papers (mostly finished) later and I've realized, "Wow - that was a lot of work." Then again, one is my senior paper, the other two are for film and media classes, both discussing The Avengers, so they're incredibly fun papers to write.

I was really hoping to bounce back with a serious blog post here. To which I have decided: Are you kidding me? It's finals - now is no time to be serious. No, really, I took finals seriously once - it was terrible. But then again, I'm the strange sort of student who actually does worse if I study a lot. I learn best by listening and discussing so reading over my notes repeatedly generally results in getting concepts confused and making really dumb mistakes when I take tests. Thus, finals are not a time for me to become serious and crackdown and cram. And so serious blog posts will resume later (not that I'm particularly very serious on here to begin with). For now, I present to you something that made me very, very, very happy: the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer.

You can probably very easily tell why this makes me very happy: not only is Benedict Cumberbatch shown in this trailer, he is featured in it. He narrates it, for the love of Pete. It's essentially an ode to Mr. Cumberbatch being a righteous space villain. Which is a lovely surprise, as I was just hoping for a glimpse of his face or something. Expectations utterly met - and exceeded.

I realized that this trailer reminded me of something when I watched it. I had just been working on one of my Avengers papers the night before and had watched the trailer (realizing I never seen this trailer in movie theaters):

Something seem... kind of familiar? Ominous voice over featuring a very lovely British actor with an incredibly recognizable voice being totally badass and awesome and resulting in fangirl glee that a major American motion picture features this actor despite the fact that he is not as well-known out of fangirl circuits? The parallels are beautiful. And they get better. After a few images from the Star Trek film were released, featuring Cumberbatch's villain locked behind glass, it didn't take long for the Tumblr-sphere to go exactly where my mind went...

Oh yes... I like the looks of this. I am at a complete failure to explain why two of my favorite actors find themselves playing villains locked behind unbreakable glass in films about darkness (Star Trek: Into Darkness and then we've got Thor 2: The Dark World), but I'm not complaining. Bring it on.

So until it was released that Mr. Cumberbatch's character's name is John Harrison, I was going with the absurdly ridiculous theory that clearly Cumberbatch was playing Loki's cousin who wreaks havoc in the Star Trek universe because CROSSOVER ALL THE FANDOMS. Seriously, it's like crossover soup right now anyway. Christopher Eccleston is in the new Thor, Cumberbatch is in Star Trek and in The Hobbit, along with Martin Freeman... you get the idea. So if this could somehow result in Misters Cumberbatch and Hiddleston making another film together where NEITHER OF THEM DIE, PLEASE, I would be very happy. Because they have a beautiful bromance of epic proportions.

Also, probably because I'm still not over War Horse. I was not expecting... that. The "that" which happened (to not spoil this movie in case you haven't seen it). Spielberg, I know you had nothing to do with the writing of the film (especially as it's based off a play), but because you make me cry with half of your movies (E.T. man - what the hell was that about? I didn't think I would cry... and I broke down. IN A FILM CLASS. I hope you're happy with yourself, sir), and also because Hollywood still clings to auteur theory, I'm pegging the blame for the emotional turmoil this film causes me on you. Consider it a compliment. Steven Moffat does.

So, while I finish up finals and meander off to Christmas break (and see the midnight premiere of The Hobbit because HOLY CRAP IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING I'VE WAITED SO LONG) (wow, there's an obnoxious amount of caps-locks in this post. Sorry about my excessive enthusiasm), consider this idea for... something: The Revengers - kickass space villains band together and plot to destroy the world (I feel like this must already be a thing by now. I wasn't the only one who thought "Loki" when the Star Trek pics came out, after all). Sounds like a party.

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