Thursday, February 21, 2013

And the results are in!
(Drum roll please....) I've gathered up the results for the survey. Thank you so much all of you who filled it out; your answers were incredibly helpful! If you didn't fill it out, don't sweat it. I just wanted a general idea of who's reading this, what brought you here, and why you stuck around. Also, most importantly, I wanted your input. This all started on a whim and then became a source for me to sketch things out while working on my senior project. Now that the paper is finished, I'm utterly overwhelmed by all the things I could talk about, all the fandoms I could start discussing, all the ideas I have swimming around in my head that I can't yet fathom into constellations (and all the John Green references I will now be making for the rest of forever...). So I wanted to get a better idea of what route to take with things.

And thus, I made a survey. (Quick apology for the awkward age range; I fully expected you to not all be over the age of 18; apparently Survey Monkey does not make the same assumption - and thus the weird addition of the "other" box. Sorry for that. Ditto for gender.) Here's a quick rundown of the stats; I had twelve responders and here's what they told me:

10 females, 2 males
10 responders between the ages of 16-24; 2 between the ages of 45-64
7 of you are Martin Freeman; 5 of you are not (Lots of Martin Freemans out there ;D)
5 of you answered the Martin Freeman question honestly, 2 of you did not, and 5 of you Loki'd me :D

Most of you found this blog either through me, because of Tumblr, or because of the general mysteriousness of the internet (Google searches, randomly finding it, etc). And there's a wide variety of fandom interest here:

The most common responses in the "other" selection were Star Wars and Star Trek; also mentioned were (in no particular order): Starkid, anime, The Wire, Cabin Pressure, Chrestomanci, Being Human (UK), Sonic the Hedgehog (you know, I run a blog with lots of hedgehogs; you'd think I'd have thought to include him before now...), The Hour, the Once-ler fandom, Trailer Park Boys, and Queer as Folk. Good news for you all - the only one of these I know absolutely nothing about is Trailer Park Boys (and yes, I will be checking it out :D). A lot of these are things I've been meaning to watch/read/etc., have read or seen but not very much of, or enjoy but for one reason or another don't identify as a fan of.  Which brings me to another thing: fandom identification. I asked for these responses because I wanted to know what fandoms you identify with. And lo and behold if one of you didn't state the complexity of trying to choose what fandoms you might belong in for a response later in the survey. Which is wonderful, because I myself have been questioning my affiliation in certain fandoms. I, for instance, love Tom Hiddleston, but do I consider myself a Hiddlestoner? Great question... sounds like a blog post!

Because I want to branch out and talk about other fandoms - especially ones I know about but don't really participate in or don't know a lot about at all, this idea of fandom identification is perfect jumping off point and something I was planning on talking about anyway. But now the stars are all perfectly aligned and I feel all smart and saavy - even though it was all you folks being smart and saavy in your responses. You go, guys.
Now for pros and cons of this blog, starting with cons. I think you guys are too kind to me. Really. Or I'm too hard on myself (that's probable). But when the worst complaints you have involve my infrequent updating (I am SO SORRY about this; I'm working on this, I swear - I will make no promises but I'm trying to make a consistent writing schedule so I can post at twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays), my lame typos, tangents and not-always clear cultural references and not-so neatly wrapped up posts, either I'm doing okay out here or you are incredibly wonderful, forgiving people. Or both (but my money is still on the latter). The good thing is that I'm aware I make these errors so it's easier for me to try and fix them (whereas my inner critic likes to blurt out things like, "You suck at writing and have no grasp of the English language," so this is a relief that you don't seem to think that).

Now for the pros: Essentially, you want more of the same. More fangirling, more gifs, more British men (including, specifically, Tom Hiddleston (oh, that will not be a problem ;D)), more on the Sherlock fandom (in particular, its integration of issues of body image and sexuality), more of what I'm interested in and what I think (bless you, people, really. I don't know what I did to deserve you all but, man, am I glad you're here. There. On the Internet. Oh, you know what I mean...).
The two requests that struck me that I hadn't thought too much about focusing on were more about what I read and more about me. I admit, I read a lot. And yet I don't talk about the books I'm reading despite the fact that I'm always reading and have a slightly eclectic taste in the printed word. So, I thought (considering I have that Peanut Gallery line running) I'd add in more posts about that sort of thing. Also, I was struck by a request to know more about me. I feel like I'm always talking about myself, but I don't really say a lot about me. Like, I don't know, general things. So I'm going to fix that and maybe talk about myself some more. I also feel a lot more comfortable talking about politically nuanced topics here (especially since many of you enjoy the feminism posts) and I have a particular interest in several areas I'd like to discuss. Don't worry, I'm not going to go totally political and partisan on you (and if I do, tell me to knock it off) but I would like to show how current affairs and fandoms can overlap, and to talk about some issues that are near and dear to my heart while hopefully keeping an open mind about things.

So that's the gist of all this. I know that not everything I talk about will interest everyone, and that's cool - read what interests you. I just thank you for stopping by in the first place. I am going to forewarn you that I have become seriously addicted to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and come out of the "proverbial Shakespeare closet" as my friend Kevin stated and embraced the fact that I am (and have been for a very long time) a colossal Shakespeare nerd. So there's going to be a lot of that thrown into the mix now. Looking ahead, the next few posts will be about fandom identification, fandoms and current affairs, and other things interspersed (like posts about books, films, me, whatever). Thanks for reading this meta-post and look for a new post coming soon - one about yours truly, actually. And, if you have any questions - about something I've written, about fandoms, about me, about really anything, please don't hesitate to ask!
(A little late for Valentine's Day, but better late than never!)

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