Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One Year Later

On this very day a year ago, a very bored me decided to create this strange thing. That's right - it's my blog's birthday. Which means...

(Okay, can you explain to me why when I searched "senor moriarty gif" to find this pic, I ended up with a couple dozen images of Tom Hiddleston? Seriously, Google Images - it's like you do this on purpose. What in the world does Tom Hiddleston have to do with Moriarty and fiestas and... you know what, I probably don't want to know.)

Anyway, this is weirdly perfect, with today being Mardi Gras and all. And one year later, I'm very, very glad I was bored and confused why everyone was calling Martin Freeman a hedgehog one wintery Sunday afternoon. I'd say this has turned out pretty well - I've met loads of cool people through the internet, I've become more understanding of fandoms and fans, including the fan within myself, I've written a lot of stuff on many various topics (and even ended up with a senior project based on some of this), and I feel like people generally enjoy what I write... which is still surprising to me. I guess because I don't really find my thoughts all that interesting most the time, mainly because I've been having them for twenty-some years.

However, I feel there is always more to be done and things I could be doing better. While I'd really like to take this opportunity to give something back to you all, it's a little hard to physically give stuff through the internet that doesn't come in the form of text or images or videos. Instead, I'm going to beg you to do one little thing for me: please take this survey. I made it on Survey Monkey and it's really short, only 10 questions (okay, really more like eight because the last two aren't serious). I'd just really like to try and learn more about my readers and, since I know a lot of people who drop by here don't have Google accounts (seriously, Google, I love your interface, but you have a serious bias towards yourself. It's kind of embarrassing sometimes) and many readers probably don't feel comfortable identifying themselves. So this survey is nice and anonymous, just a chance for you to tell me a bit about yourself (gender, age, what fandoms you're in - if any), give me some feedback, tell me what you'd like to see on this blog, and really whatever is on your mind. I'd just really like to hear from you and see what you are thinking. Whether you're a regular, just stopping by, or just really like surveys, feel free to fill it out. In return, I will feature ideas and feedback in a post and use it to make this blog more... just more. And to thank you for your efforts, I will now fill this page with attractive men.
Okay, so not what you had in mind, I'm sure. :P Sorry about that (no I'm not). Maybe I should stick with the old hedgehog, eh?


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