Monday, February 25, 2013

Uncontrollable Fangirling: Daniel Day-Lewis
I'm having a Monday today so I thought I'd write another post (I know, right, all of these posts coming all at once? It's baffling - and also a result of me hiding from adult responsibilities). What do I mean by having a Monday (besides the fact that today actually is Monday)? Well... the week's not getting off to a very good start. We have issues in my apartment building (a clogged bath tub, graffiti on a garage that the city of Minneapolis is going to fine us for if we don't remove it, which just makes me want to scream about having no agency and epic wastes of time and other very, very cranky things), I'm trying to juggle four or five different things at once, I'm having my typical post-Oscar ennui. I've seen this photo twice today:
And while I totally love this, it's not quite enough to get me out of my funk. So, I've decided to start yet another subset of posts on this site: posts in which I fangirl over certain actors and talk about why I love them.
In honor of his third Oscar win for best actor, I thought I'd start with the supremely awesome Daniel Day-Lewis. Daniel Day-Lewis is a proud member of the club of British actors with great cheekbones doing awesome things (I was hoping that would end up making a really cool acronym, but no such luck). I first saw Daniel Day-Lewis in The Last of the Mohicans in my 9th grade history class and decided afterwards that he was pretty awesome. I have seen a pathetically low number of his films (so low, in fact, that I will not even name all of which I've seen because it will make you wonder why I'm even bothering to write this post). But after seeing My Beautiful Laundrette in a film class this summer, I realized that I really, really love this guy. If you have never seen My Beautiful Laundrette, WATCH IT. PLEASE. It's so good.

I also like this guy because he's a method actor. A hardcore method actor. I can say as a writer that if I ever decided to stay inside the mind of one of my characters, it probably wouldn't end well. So kudos to those actors who do this and do it really, really well. He takes pretty diverse, selective roles too, which is really great, because that means I can see him in varying roles (from being the president of the United States to a very, very interesting fellow who may or may not kill a man with a bowling pin).
Also, Day-Lewis took time off from acting in order to be a cobbler. A cobbler. I wish I could explain why I find this so cool (maybe I just really love shoes, or because it shows actors are multi-talented people). And, according to IMDB: "Late in the run of the 1989 production of Hamlet at the National Theatre in London, he reported that he had a strange sensation that he was talking to his father, who died of pancreatic cancer when Daniel was 15. Unnerved, he walked off the stage and never returned. He still doesn't like to talk about it."

Some quotes of his (again from IMDB):
  • "If I weren't allowed this outlet, there wouldn't be a place for me in society."
  • "Life comes first. What I see in the characters, I first try to see in life."
  • "I am more greatly moved by people who struggle to express themselves. Maybe it's a middle-class British hang-up, but I prefer the abstract concept of incoherence in the face of great feeling to beautiful, full sentences that convey little emotion."
  • "My love for American movies was like a secret that I carried around with me. I always knew I could straddle different worlds. I'd grown up in two different worlds and if you can grow up in two different worlds, you can occupy four. Or six. Why put a limit on it?"
Daniel Day-Lewis, you are one awesome human being. Congratulations on your Oscar and rock on, sir.


  1. You don't list the films of his you've seen so I don't know if you've watched it yet, but in case you haven't, I, as a huge fan of Daniel Day-Lewis, recommend "A room with a view".
    Note that "My beautiful laundrette" and "A room with a view" came out the same year, and perhaps even in the same week or something.
    (I myself have seen him in 12 films, by the way).

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I haven't seen "A Room With A View" yet; I've been meaning to read the book it's based on for a while now and haven't gotten around to it yet, so I think I'm going to have to see the film first and read the book at a later time :)


    1. Oh Dana Carvey :D That's fantastic!

    2. Personally I think it's bullshit and pathetic.