Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dual Blogging

After getting brunch with my friend Danielle today, I decided to finalize a decision I'd been pondering all week long: should I create another blog, one on which to talk about things that don't pertain to fandoms? One where I can talk about my experiences of meeting with Mormon missionaries and philosophize even more than I already do and maybe talk about my personal life in vignette-style writing bits and maybe talk about writing itself?

The answer was yes. Maybe I really shouldn't have, but I did. So, if you like reading this but the twice a week posting still isn't enough and you'd like to read some other thoughts of mine, check out The Rambling Rabbit (yeah, I stuck with the animal references. I like this theme). There's not much there (I mean, seriously, I created it about ten minutes ago) and it doesn't mean there's going to be less stuff here (trust me, there won't me; I've got at least 18 drafts waiting to be finished). But it exists. Just so you know :D

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