Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First Light

I know I've promoted my book previously on here, but until I get around to making an annoying sidebar ad for it, I'm going to make another post to promote it. Because as much as I'd like to pretend not to be a pushy, bragging auteur, I'd be lying. And so...
Ta-da! There it is. But what's it about? Here's the description (which I wrote, nothing fancy):
Annabel Guerra is a first year med school student grieving the loss of her sister when she meets Doctor Victor Klemens, an accomplished anatomy professor, who hires her as his research assistant. As her work with him continues, she discovers that his research stretches beyond that of modern science and into the realm of the dangerous experimentation. Committed to curing death and restoring life, Klemens plans on creating a human being out of the bodies of the dead and, with Annabel’s help, his plans could become a reality. Against her better judgment, Annabel helps him and embarks on a journey of creation and destruction from which there is no return.
As I've said before, I promise nothing. But I'm actually rather proud of it. I can't decide if that's because it's actually good enough to quell my self-depreciation of my writing or if I've just decided to mentally become Tony Stark when talking about my work. Here's where you can purchase it in PDF, MOBI, or EPUB format. Here's where you can buy it on Amazon if you have a Kindle. And good news! I inquired about these things called BookStubs and found out I should be receiving in the next couple of months (yes, I know, it's a while out. It takes a while to process and make them). They are basically free downloads/gift cards with a code on them that allows you to download the book from the BookTango site. So if don't have the money but are interested and patient enough to wait until I get the BookStubs, that's an option. I do have a limited number and a few reserved for people (ie: mentors) but if you're interested, let me know and I'll certainly try to send one your way. Maybe figure out how everyone does free giveaways and make that happen....

So there you are. Even though I feel like Bill Nighy from Love Actually, books don't exactly sell themselves. So thank you for your indulgence. And buy my ridiculous book :P
Also, on a broader blogging note, finals week is beginning next week but I actually should have more time on my hands. So, perhaps after this weekend I'll be able to return to some lengthier posts (and the million drafts I have waiting to be finished...) Cheers!

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