Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Batch of Feminism, Poorly Organized by the Blogger

Heyo! It's late, but still Wednesday in my neck of the woods and so here is a belated and rather abbreviated post for you. However, it'll still be lengthy because I have a TED Talk for you :D This one is on children's movies and "manhood." Take a watch:

This is all feels really timely, given my recent musings on Disney princesses. I don't really have any more substantial thoughts at the moment other than "YES THIS GOOD." So if you would like something with a bit more deeper content and using film theory to look at things, I highly recommend this post from Three Chic Geeks on Sherlock Holmes and the Male Gaze. If you're familiar with Laura Mulvey and her theories, you'll be flailing in academic glee over this - plus it's a brilliant post that gave me a better understanding of the flaws of the Sherlock Holmes and why it's sort of a complicated interaction between liking the show and yet still critiquing it. But that's a different blog post - hopefully one coming soon! (Yes, yes, I know I keep saying that. How is it that I'm busier this summer than I was this past school year?!)

Anyway, there's two random, fandom-related things on feminism for you. Ooh, and bonus: this article on Much Ado About Nothing and slut-shaming (which was totally the basis for a reflection paper in my Shakespeare class). There's really no rhyme or reason to this being thrown together, so my apologies for this weird mix of things. But then again, if I'm going to write about feminism, why not throw a whole batch of somewhat related links together? (BTW, feministbatch wasn't a username on Tumblr, so I took the liberty of stealing it :D)

And on an utterly unrelated note, last night I dreamed about a rouge hedgehog running around the Mall of America. What is my life?

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