Saturday, July 6, 2013

London Calling

Towards the end of May, I had my mind entirely blown by the information that Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss would be starring in a staging of Shakespeare's Coriolanus in the winter of 2013-2014 at Donmar Warehouse in London. Needless to say, when I heard this, I totally freaked out.
There are three things I love too much: Shakespeare, Mark Gatiss, and Tom Hiddleston. Having these three together, in London, no less... well...
It's the chance of a lifetime and once I got the idea of going to see the show in my head, I couldn't get it out. My parents seemed fine with me going and, given that I have money in a savings account (thanks to relatives kindly giving me money for birthdays for the last 22 years of my life), I would actually be able to afford it. I inquired to my Facebook friends whether anyone would be adventuring with me and my wonderful friend Tyler said he would love to go to London. I proceeded to freak out once again.
And so, I stayed up very, very late on the night of June 24th into the morning of the 25th so that I could buy tickets at 3am CST (9 am in London when tickets went on sale). Was this ridiculous? Yes. Was it necessary? Considering that I had to wait in a queue for three minutes before I could order tickets online and the first few dates I picked only had the wrong availability or no availability at all and I started panicking until I finally got a date that worked and the theater is very small to begin with and I know from past experience trying to get concert tickets that things sell out ridiculously fast... yeah, it was worth it. I then did a ridiculous dance of glee around my apartment once my purchase had been confirmed only because far too many times have I tried to buy tickets and the order has timed out on me or the tickets have sold out before I could get them.

So that's it then. It's happening. This coming January, I am going to London with Tyler to see Coriolanus and gallivant around the city. I wish I could express to you how excited I am in words but I can't. I really can't. And just by searching for the promotional picture from Donmar Warehouse's site, I get the feeling that these tickets went really fast and that fangirls everywhere were trying to get their hands on them...
And this appeared on my Tumblr dash the morning after I bought tickets:

So it really didn't cross my  mind that this sort of thing would be an issue upon purchasing tickets. I
just really like Shakespeare and Misters Hiddleston and Gatiss and I've been looking for a good excuse to go back to London and this was perfect. But for some reason I feel guilty, like I stole a fangirl's opportunity to go or a hardcore theater fan who really wanted to see this or just someone who deserves it more than me. So if you tried to get tickets for this play and couldn't, I'm sorry. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging. I'm just ridiculously excited and happy and didn't even think of going as a "rabid fangirl" (I really hate that phrase, mainly because I like to believe that sort of activity is rare (perhaps rarer than it actually is)). I just really wanted to see a play in London that happens to have two of my favorite actors of all time in it. Of course now I'm worried about the fangirl label and what the audience is like and a whole bunch of other things that never occur to me when I go see a show at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. However, given the affordability of the tickets (I got two for ₤35, a ridiculously good deal even given the exchange rate and the price tickets go for in Minneapolis theaters) and the recognition of the actors, tickets would go fast regardless and I shouldn't feel guilty, should I? Sometimes I think a part of my mind refuses to let the rest of it have fun.
TL;DR: I am going to London next January. It hasn't entirely set in that this is actually happening and I expect that there will be more sudden freak-outs along the way. I haven't been to London since I was 16 and I was a very different person then (also a minor, there on a high school band trip, and far more introverted than I am now). But I am so excited to go and see all the sights I missed the last time (how the hell did I miss 221B Bakers Street? HOW?!), revisit some places I saw too briefly (Covent Garden, I am coming for you. And you too, British Museum and National Gallery), and bask in the awesomeness of Old Blighty once again.


  1. And I haven't managed to get a ticket! *wails and bawls and other words for sobbing* I wasn't really on the ball though, I knew it was coming but didn't pay any attention to when tickets were going on sale. May try and get a return at some point, but possibly this is a good thing. Need to tighten up money-wise! Cannot have a repeat of last Autumn (14 theatre trips between Oct and Dec) or I'll end up on the streets :P.

    Also, (I really hope this doesn't come across weirdly but I've been browsing the couchsurfing website recently so...), having lived in London for 3 years now I'm very aware of how expensive it is to stay here. If you're looking for somewhere to stay that's fairly close to central London, I could offer you space here for the duration of your visit (I live like 10 minutes from Euston) in exchange for a few cups of tea/coffee and maybe some food. I don't get axe-murderer vibes from your blog and it's always nice to meet new people. I'd just silently seethe in envy on the evening you go and see the play XD. I do get it's weird for someone to just offer a place to stay out of the blue, but consider it this year's random act of kindness from me :P.

    1. I know that the theater does have rush/discount sorts of tickets that go on sale a few days before each performance (Barclays Front Row tickets, I think they're called). They're £10 I think, which seems really reasonable.

      And on couch surfing - You are amazing and so generous; thank you! I would absolutely be delighted to stay with you during my trip! I also believe you are not an ax-murderer and would love to stay with someone who knows the city. That being said, I will be coming with my friend Tyler (he's very sweet and lovely and very little trouble - most of the time) but I don't want to force you to accommodate two people instead of one. We've already looked into hostels and can certainly stay there if it would be too much trouble but still plan to to meet up with you while we're there (I'd really like to meet my readers; I think that would be fabulous). But we should email or Facebook about this or something, whatever you prefer. Thank you so much!

    2. I've got space for you both :)

    3. Fantastic! Thank you so much!