Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mind the Hedge

Just a quick post from yours truly today - I promised myself I would put in at least an hour of fiction writing before I head off to my internship today and so I'm afraid this post is going to have to be a bit abbreviated (I take the blame - I spend half of my mornings asleep now and the early bird in me is distressed. Oh, the problems of being both an early bird and a night owl).

Anyway, I came across this article from The Guardian while browsing Tumblr this morning and was pleased to find that the hedgehog may become the national emblem of Britain. Of course, I was pleased. I love hedgehogs (obviously) and they do denote a certain British cultural... je ne sais pas (but perhaps this is because hedgehogs are indigenous to the U.K. and not to the U.S.). Of course, I am also a very big fan of the the lion representing England and of course the strange and lovely fact that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland (Scotland, I love everything about you. Truly). But hedgehogs... hedgehogs are just awesome.

Hedgehogs, according to another Guardian article that I read a while back, are also being endangered. Apparently changes in their habitats have greatly hurt their population numbers and these adorable little creatures are becoming rarer and rarer in the U.K. Which means that if the hedgehog were to become a national emblem for Britain, perhaps this could spur action to protect their species and keep the little darlings present in the U.K. Likewise, maybe it would behoove the U.S. to give the bee some national status to spur action to protect and save them (FYI, if you ever want to be terrified about the state of the world, read about the mass deaths of bee colonies. It is truly worrisome). Perhaps by recognizing how much an animal means to an environment and a cultural consciousness, certain measures can be taken to help that animal. Hey, it worked the bald eagle in the States - why shouldn't it work for the hedgehog? And who doesn't love hedgehogs? ;)

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