Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Writer's Block

I'm finding myself a little bit befuddled as to what I should write about in today's post. Given that Comic-Con occurred last week, I should have loads of things to say about it, but I really don't have much, other than to comment that Tom Hiddleston is downright brilliant. I've been meaning to write more about the complicated relationship I have with tech groups like Tumblr and Google but am currently feeling uninspired on the topic. I have several drafts I could write up and publish, but none of the topics intrigue me. I contemplated writing about the complicated last few days I've been having but it's rather personal and drama-filled and serves no purpose being shared on the internet except to possibly incite more drama. And so, I find myself on this strangely cool July morning without a topic.
This isn't the first time this has happened, but generally I meander into some topic or simply don't post that day. I refuse to skip posting and so I'm simply writing about... not being able to write. It isn't exactly writer's block - I have things to say and I could say them. I just can't encourage myself to actually write them down. Part of me worries that I've said everything I can about fandoms - which is completely wrong. It's just difficult right now as my interaction with fandoms has changed in the last year and I don't really know how to write about it. I also feel driven to write more about social issues and personal experiences, which isn't a bad thing, but it's hard to write about them. I've had a post I've wanted to write about apartment searching in Minneapolis (which was an interesting adventure this year) but I've delayed writing it for the fear that it will just rehash other posts I've already written. And so once again I find myself writing a facade of a post without really saying anything. I'll see how it goes by this weekend, but I may need to take a week off from posting just to find some new inspiration, go through some drafts to see what I really want to write about and what needs said, and to just deal with some of the personal issues in my life. I'm not saying they'll be week's vacation in posting, but there may be. We'll see how it goes and where my brain is at in a few days. Either way, they'll be a post on Saturday - whether or not it says something substantial is yet to be seen. :P And there may be some activity on my other blog, The Rambling Rabbit, so please check that out if you are yearning to read my randomness. 


  1. Hey, I've been reading your blog and.......... Did you know that Amazon is starting something called "Kindle Worlds"? It's like where people can post their fanfiction for several different fandoms (It's seems like it's been growing from when I checked earlier), and possibly earn a little money from them. I personally think this is an interesting development for fandom as a whole, although I have some mixed feelings about it. I mean, it'd be nice to make money off of stuff like that, but it's also nice to collaborate with fellow fans and stuff, which one can easily do on websites where they are free, so perhaps something is lost in this process... Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this or just on fanfiction in general, so maybe if you're lost for a topic sometime, you can write on that. :)
    (Also, good luck with your existential crisis!)

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for reading! I have heard about the "Kindle Worlds" and I've been debating about writing about it, but now I certainly will! I have mixed feelings about it as well and it'd be interesting to look at it and see how it differs from other fanfic publishing platforms. So I'll gladly write on that! And thank you for your well wishes - the existential crisis is mostly managed and back to managing mischief instead! :)

  2. Writers block... story of my life! I heavily empathise, particularly with "I have things to say and I could say them. I just can't encourage myself to actually write them down." It's one of the reasons my blog stagnated. I have at least 20 draft posts with ideas (when I come up with an idea I often come up with more than one at a time), but when it comes to me wanting to actually write an entire post, suddenly my mind blanks and I have no idea what I want to say. I could force myself to think about it, but never seem to want to. I admire that you refuse to skip posting though, that's probably one of the best things you can do. Keep up the good work! :D