Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some Work Related Thoughts

After much waiting, I finally got my college diploma in the mail last week. Given the fact that job searching has been incredibly fruitless, finally getting this very expensive piece of paper made me feel a bit better about life.

I particularly love the wording on this; the University has "conferred upon" me the "degree of Bachelor of Arts with all its privileges and obligations." Privileges and obligations? Hell yes. Clearly B.A. stands for Bad-Ass. Who needs a job? I am burdened with glorious purpose!
But in all seriousness, I really need a job. By September, my work as an assistant building manager will be over and I will be completely and thoroughly unemployed if I don't find something else. I have applied for waitressing jobs, administrative assistant positions, a gift shop position, and so far have only been able to get an interview for the gift shop gig (and still impatiently waiting to hear back). I'm getting really nervous that I'm for some reason unhireable or that the economy sucks so bad that my magical piece of paper that is meant to give me some sort of advantage is less magical because there's only thousands of other people who received them last May and they have better qualifications than me - and they are also fighting to get a job. The latter is definitely true. Let's hope the former isn't as well.

Long story short, I am nervous. Meanwhile, I'm trying to come up with more harebrained ways of working on writing to make a little cash. First off, I've still got these free downloadable copies of my ebook, First Light, to give away. I have been assured it is full of typos (whoops) but that figures, considering I was my own proofreader. However, I've also gotten pretty positive feedback about it thus far. Yay! Anyway, I have about fifteen of these free downloads to give away, so this is how it's going to work: it'll be first come, first serve. If you want one, it's yours - until I run out of them, at least. I can either mail it to you or email you the code, whichever you prefer.

Secondly, I'm trying to decide if there's a market for commission writing. I know that painters and drawing artists have an advantage with this, but I'm curious if for three or four dollars if anyone would be interested in throwing me a topic and having me write up some sort of...something. I did this as a Christmas gift for a group last year and it was really fun. Now I'm wondering if I can actually profit off it, though it seems strange to me when I have my writing out here entirely for free. I'm also wondering if anyone would actually donate if I created a Paypal account out here, but I don't think I can bring myself to ask for donations - there are artists out there who need the assistance far more than I do. And so, I'm just considering the commission stuff for now. Let me know what you think and I'm going to keep working on job search stuff and keep on blogging. Unfortunately, there won't be post this Saturday as I will be at a friend's cabin this weekend, so instead, I'm adding the new Thor trailer to the end of this post for you to watch and flail over in my absence:


  1. If you've still got any of those free downloads, I'd be interested in having a read of your book! I'd be buying (because I'm aware of how important it is to support artists and I would hope that if I ever get round to properly writing the stuff I want to write that someone will actually pay for it), except that I currently have two jobs and I'm still actually terrified I won't have enough money for rent next month (or the month after, or my MA. Definitely my MA). Zero hour contracts are the worst thing in the world. Don't get one. Good look on your job hunt, hopefully you'll get something with guaranteed work! Your luck can turn around in an instant; for months every single place I applied to gave me nothing, and look at me now - stressed, over/under-worked and insecure. YAY \o/ (Hope you have a nice time at the cabin.)

    1. I certainly have free downloads left! I can send you the code if you'd like. Thanks for your support on the job search - and good to know that zero hour contracts are to be avoided. And you're right - once I get a job, I can be stressed about work instead of being unemployed. WHOO :D (And thank you very much, the cabin should be grand!)

    2. Send me the code via twitter or facebook, and I'll start reading it once I've finished The Death Cure. Which I sort of wish was over already. It's the third in the Maze Runner trilogy, and I've really enjoyed the books so far but I think I've run out of steam with this one. Getting a bit bored :/

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