Saturday, September 7, 2013

Minnesota - You Betcha
Due to a slight misfortune - I was unable to go to the Renaissance Fair today, but only because I had orientation for my new job at Target (YAY I'M EMPLOYED AGAIN) - you guys are getting a blog post. A very brief one because I'm a bit tired from absorbing all the stuff I need to know about my new job, but a blog post none the less.

I mention Minnesota quite a bit on this blog so I thought I'd share this post from Buzz Feed that accounts the 29 most Minnesotan things that have ever happened. The first one is a pretty excellent representation of our tendency to be over-polite and apologetic. And yet number 15 shows that our intolerance of our neighboring state's football team can make us anything but polite and apologetic. And also the snow - lots and lots of references to snow. (Which I'm missing sorely in yet another heat wave we've gotten.)

So, in celebration of me working the sales floor for a Minnesota retail chain, this is a small nod to the awesomeness of Minnesota. Rock on, Star of the North.

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