Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fifteen Things About Working in Retail

I just had my forty-five day review at my job and given my rapidly gained experience in retail, I thought I'd create a Buzz Feed-like thing to express what it's like to work in a field that I think is very much taken for granted. I am aware that my managers and fellow employees may be reading this, so know that I am not putting my work place in a bad light. I like where I work. It's the people that shop there that make things interesting...

How I feel around customers:


Having a college degree and working a job most of my friends had in high school:

Hey, at least I'm not the only one in this scenario. Don't judge me, Willy Wonka!

When people complain about the cost of items:

You can complain to my team lead, but they don't decide the prices either. Take it up with corporate. 

When I've been working by myself for hours and I try to talk to a customer but they could care less:


Finding that weekends have sort of lost their appeal:


Realizing I am Rose Tyler sans the Doctor:


How I feel when I make a mistake and there's no way to fix it and now I just feel like I've spread bad karma for everyone in the world:


Zoning (or making everything look neat and pretty) in softlines (aka clothes) while customers are still shopping:

I get this paranoid feeling that people purposely unfold all the sweaters I just folded simply because they can. I try not to take it personally.

How I feel when I get my paycheck:


How I feel when the team and I get all our work done:


How I feel actually having a job with a real paycheck that deducts taxes:


When I think about things too much about consumerism at work:


When something is out of stock and I get blamed:


How I feel about Black Friday:


Retail may be tough, but there are far worse jobs (and I used to have one of them):

(There is literally no better photo for being a building manager. Trust me on that.)

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