Thursday, January 16, 2014

Butterflies and Wanderlust
I woke up wide awake at 3am this morning. I had no explanation for this except that, in London, the time was 9am and perhaps my brain was already attempting to throw itself into another time zone. Or perhaps it was because I was dreaming about working at Target and attempting to escape a customer's never-ending requests to find items for her. I'm dreaming about work - I definitely need a break.

Regardless, I am now on vacation, all packed and ready to go, checked in for my flight, and excitedly waiting to go to the airport this evening. I am sitting here with butterflies in my stomach and wanderlust in my soul, not quite believing that this much anticipated trip has finally arrived and that this time tomorrow, I will be in a different country.

I feel tempted to burst out into song, something like the "When Will My Life Begin (reprise)" from Tangled or "For the First Time In Forever" from Frozen. Why Disney songs? Can't say for sure, except that the seem to capture the same dreamy, wondrous excitement that I'm feeling. I've finished arguing with myself about what socks and shoes to bring, stopped worrying about whether or not airport security is going to be annoyed about me bringing along a full-sized umbrella, found a way to wedge my rather large headphones into my bag too full of books. I'm ready to enjoy the feeling of being in an airport again, return to a city I haven't seen since I was sixteen, and meet a wonderful friend in person. I'm am delighted to see London with new eyes, be in the UK for Robert Burns night, and get caught in the rain instead of the bitter cold.

And Coriolanus? I don't even have words for it. At least not actual works. Excited squeaking noises - I've got plenty of those. I've made my friend Tyler promise to not let me chicken out and drag me to the stage door in an attempt to get autographs and share my thanks with Misters Gatiss and Hiddleston. To top it all off, I'll even get a chance to see Cambridge, thanks to the serendipity and generosity of our host and friend, Anna.

Thus, my darlings, I bid you adieu for the present. I'm going on an adventure :D


  1. Yay Gina! Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely time across the pond! Enjoy it for yourself first and for us second... we'll be waiting till you come back for any morsel of adventuring that you have the time, wish, and energy to share so we can experience your excitements vicariously! You totally deserve a good vacation, so have fun ^_^ !!!