Tuesday, January 14, 2014

International Travel

In two days, I will boarding a plane with my friend Tyler to spend ten amazing days in London.

I am going totally bananas.

For this reason, you will get no sane post from me today. Instead, you'll get one of those "what I really do" gifsets on international travelers Enjoy.

International Travelers:

What society thinks I do:


What my parents think I do:


 What my friends think I do:


 What my boss thinks I do:


What I think I do:


What I actually do:

And bonus of what I actually do:

So there you are. Yay travelling!

A note on the blog while I abroad: I did download the Blogger app to my iPad to test it out yesterday and discovered I don't like it very much. As a matter of fact, I don't like it at all. I figure I won't have time to write much anyway but wow does Blogger's app have some... shortcomings. I have added it to my phone so that if I find a particularly important photo to post or a moment that needs sharing and absolutely cannot wait and I have wifi, I'll be able to share it. Otherwise, I'll write up a post about the trip before I leave Thursday and that will be the last one until I get back on the 27th.

Only TWO DAYS until I leave. I can hardly believe it.

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