Friday, January 3, 2014

New Beginnings
Happy New Year! And what a good start to 2014 I've had so far - heralding the new year with some good friends in a circuit of English and Irish pubs in Minneapolis (complete with bagpipes at 6pm to celebrate the New Year in the UK), great goals and new plans, and just general positivity. From the catharsis derived in writing my previous post and all of your positive responses, I can feel my confidence building its way back up and feel so grateful to have you all as readers. Should I ever doubt the kindness of the world, I need go no further than here to find that it does exist in the most wonderful of ways. You are all so kind and understanding, and I will never be able to completely and accurately express my gratitude to this.

The New Year generally accompanies itself with the idea of creating resolutions. I generally don't create any as they are often hard to keep and I can never think of anything that's not beyond the general "eat better," "exercise more" and other such vague plans that I make no certain way of keeping. So this year I gave myself three vague resolutions, but ones that I know I can keep:
1) Write more: straightforward. Write everyday, at least a little bit. Get back in consistently blogging - and who knows? Maybe depending on time, I can eventually boost up postings from two times to three times a week. And of course there's fiction writing - which I'm considering sharing excerpts of on my other blog, the Rambling Rabbit, which has a very limited number of posts and is in a sore need of an update.

2) Dance more: Instead of giving myself an exercising goal or an eating better goal (which are long-term plans already in progress) I decided to land on something that's both about movement and feeling good. I like dancing, in multitudes of ways - swing dancing, salsa dancing, leaping around the kitchen while waiting for cookies to bake. I've decided that I should embrace this need for movement more and use it as release and expression. I'm not limiting myself to dancing (I had a dream about running last night and realized how much I miss it. If only the sidewalks weren't icy and we didn't have wind chills of -35 degrees Fahrenheit, I might actually be able to pick that up again) but for too long have I thought I'm not any good at dancing. I don't care if I'm good or not - I want to do it anyway. And so I shall.

3) Laugh more: Perhaps the easiest of them all to attain and yet the hardest. I want to rediscover my love for comedies, find a way to laugh despite all odds, and be a little more lighthearted. If I'm laughing, I'm smiling, and feeling better about life.

So that's that. 2014 hasn't been without its challenges already, but I think I'm rolling with them better than I was at the end of 2013. So bring it on, new year - I am ready for you. And I am incredibly excited :)

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