Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why Buzzfeed is Surprisingly Enlightening

A great number of my friends having been using the site, Buzzfeed, which I began using quite a bit myself in London, taking ridiculously random quizzes on the site. Buzzfeed is an interesting conglomeration of social networking and blogging and, I have to admit, I've gotten pretty addicted to their quizzes (I also appreciated their unabashed enthusiasm for Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston, making me think they've got a fair number of fangirls on their staff).

Thus far, Buzzfeed quizzes have revealed a great number of things through pictures and options such as picking a food item, color, or catchphrase. The quizzes have stated that:
- the European country I belong in is Monaco because I like the fine things in life (Sure?)
- I will have a nudist wedding (in Monaco?)
- I would win the Hunger Games
- out of the cast of Harry Potter, I am apparently Harry Potter
- out of Joss Whedon heroines, I am Inara from Firefly
- in the cast of Scandal, I'm Huck *internal screaming* (If you've seen the show, you'll understand why this bothers me) (*spoilers* He tortures people)
- The celebrity I should get drunk with is Emma Watson (yes please)
- I should have a wombat as a pet
- Out of food, I am sushi
- In the Spice Girls, I am Baby Spice
- Out of dog types, I'm a mutt
Snowths (img3.wikia.nocookie.ne)
- In the world of Muppets, I'm a Snowth (see the picture)
- The next thing to cross of my bucket list should be learning a new language (or relearning French as I'm actually considering doing)
- If I were a disciple, I'd be St. Thomas (the accuracy of this one is terrifying. Doubting Thomas indeed)
- If I were a Shakespeare character, I'd be Beatrice (WIN. EPIC WIN)
I have taken far too many of these quizzes and, while there's certainly nothing very scientific about them, it is a fun way to consider aspects of my personality that I hadn't really focused on before, or things that I knew but hadn't really sat back and thought about. For example, I deeply, deeply love Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing. If I were ever to perform Shakespeare, she'd be the first character I'd pick to play. To actually get this character as a reflection on my personality felt like a tremendous compliment and honor, though I think Buzzfeed might have been overly generous to me:

You’re wise, you’re funny, you’re willing to risk everything, and at times you’re genuinely a character to be feared. The audience LOVES you!

Pair that with the picture of Emma Thompson that came with the results and I'm feeling tremendously not worthy of the attribution. But if Buzzfeed says it, it must be true.

So let's not talk about how I'd torture someone I care about for the greater good in Scandal...

Anyway, I greatly enjoy these quizzes, as if they somehow peel away some layer of my self-concept and reveal funny, quirky bits underneath. While I will continue to question that I am as Scottish as Sean Connery (no one is as Scottish as Sean Connery), I appreciate that Buzzfeed seems to think I have an authentic regard for Scotland and their culture. While I also doubt that I would actually ever have a nude wedding, Buzzfeed is spot on that I would love to save money on a wedding (maybe not the dress because I have a secret buried interest in fashion) and may be slightly less interested in traditional features and instead doing what fits my significant other and I best as a couple.

That doesn't mean I think the quizzes are perfect. I don't really think that I'm Harry Potter and there is no way in hell I would survive the Hunger Games (love to think so, yes, but considering I haven't been running due to the eternal winter in Minnesota, I'm not feeling very fit or confident about that). Sometimes I go back and change only one answer and the quiz results are significantly different. I don't know how they gauge the results, but often I think they all hinge on one question. Also, in one quiz about "What would happen to America if you were president?" I chose a slow loris as my vice president, and I got my face on Mount Rushmore because I was apparently that brilliant. I don't care if every other answer I gave on that quiz was perfectly logical, I CHOSE A SLOW LORIS TO BE MY VP. I don't think that would work out well (then again, maybe that would work great. I just couldn't die in office).

But I'm not complaining; these quizzes are just for fun. And who doesn't like to hear that they're the pink people from the "Mahna Mahnam" song? (Seriously: "You have a great talent, but you sometimes feel outshone by those with bigger personalities. You’re punctual, reliable, and never without a friend." That's sweet of you Buzzfeed. And scary accurate.) Even being a mutt is positive: "You’re a renegade, an artist, and you will not be confined to any sort of box. You have tons of real-life experience that makes you a great dinner-party guest with tons of stories. Plus, you are cute in that 'je ne sais quoi' kind of way." And they still manage to often say deep things. For, "What classic author is your soulmate?" I got Virginia Woolf, which informed me: "You’re not daunted by women who are brilliant but emotionally fragile. On the contrary, you’re selfless and kind enough to want to really nurture someone and support their illustrious career. Yours is a truly deep love because it is a love of the mind, and it will surpass all the hours." Considering I am a woman, I'm a bit confused at how to read the results, but I appreciate it. Maybe it's telling me I need to find another artist who will support my art? I don't know. I think about these quizzes too much.

I like reading horoscopes, even though I know they have little basis in any actual knowledge of one's personality, so it's no surprise I like these quizzes. But somehow these quizzes do manage to pin down aspects of personality, and it's really quite fun. And as an added bonus about personality and how we distinguish aspects of it, here's a video about blood types in Korea from one of my favorite vlogs. Enjoy!

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