Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Impulsive Descions Made on Shakespeare's Birthday

As some of you might now, I was dong a vlogging serious called OMG Shakespeare. As some of you might also know, I have failed to update for the past three weeks. Why? Part of it is because I've been really busy and, as Wednesdays are my only assured days off of work (other than Sundays), I spend them doing a lot of catch-up (making doctor's appointments, doing shopping, remembering what it's like to sleep in past 7am in the morning). Also, vlogging is hard. Really really hard. Especially for someone like me who is a novice at editing and whose skills lie behind the pen and keyboard, not in front of a camera.

So, I've made an ultimate decision. I love OMG Shakespeare. I love it a lot. I want to blog about theater but I don't want to vlog about it. But I don't want this blog to become nothing but a theater blog. Thus, I have created yet another Blogger blog - an new OMG Shakespeare. And so I will continue on my merry way there (and perhaps feel better about the fact that I can use footnotes and annotations, something that's a little tricky to do in a vlog).

Anyway, it's live and I plan on posting once a week, as I was with the vlogs. So there you are! All in time for the Bard's birthday.

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