Friday, October 3, 2014

#NotDead, Part 2
So.... hello again, dear readers. It's been a while. A long while. Way too long.

I feel this needs an explanation. And while I'd rather not write yet another post about my personal life and used grandiose excuses as to why I haven't posted on here since - what, July? the 15th century? does it matter at this point? - I feel that it's probably necessary as: 1) Just jumping back into the fray seems a bit dishonest, rude, and oblivious to the time and changes that have gone by, 2) Some of you dear people are actually interested in what I'm doing with my life which, in my baffled simultaneous egomaniac and self-loathing state is both wonderfully self-indulgent and completely impossible to understand, 3) I'm probably a very different person than I was earlier in this year and most certainly different than I was when this whole blogging shenanigans began. And so, an explanation.

When last we met, I had recently taken on a new position at my workplace, working in price change at my retail store instead of working on the salesfloor. I work forty hours a week from six in the morning until two-thirty in the afternoon and for the bulk of August, I was somewhat in charge as our team lead for price change was out with a broken ankle. So work has taken up a great chunk of my time, but in a (more or less) good way. I've also been interning with the History Theatre in St. Paul in a dramaturgy role which has recently ended, but I've been taken on as a house manager there, which means I'm working front of house on my weekends, instructing the ushers and making sure that everything goes smoothly as far as getting people to their seats and presentation of the house. I'm also freelance writing for a website about Minneapolis and still trying to do my own personal writing on the side. So somehow I ended up having three jobs as well as actually having a job in theater... which is my life-long dream and required every bit of control I have to not type out in caps locks. It's really kind of bewildering and amazing. And I've also been working with Theatre Pro Rata as a dramaturgy observer, attending their rehearsals and watching the process of their fall production transforming. It's been a very theater heavy autumn so far, and I love every minute of it.

However, things have also been a bit rough at parts. I moved  to a new apartment building in a different part of town, which is wonderful, but the move was not as easy as I'd have liked. I can feel things changing and shifting in the people around me but things are moving too quickly for me to process what's going on and I don't have enough time or energy in the day to keep in contact with people the way I'd like.

Yet to contrast this blue bit, I also went back to London in the first week of September, which was absolutely brilliant. I'm so sad I haven't had the chance to post about it - hell, I haven't even had a chance to upload the photos I took to Facebook or to my computer at all - but perhaps I'll get the opportunity soon. I hope.

That's where I'm at personally. Blogging-wise, I've realized that I really need to address how I've changed as a writer and a fan of things, which I'll be discussing in my next post - which will get posted soon, I assure you. I hope I won't be abandoning this again, though my writing might be changing a bit - just a bit. So there we are. Let's give this another go, shall we? :D


  1. Welcome back. I missed reading your writing, even though we're seeing each other.

  2. Huzza!!! A warm welcome back! Looking firward to frequenting your blog again - I keep repeating it, but it really does gives me perspective, hope, and motivation watching you persue your dreams and goals.
    And I want to thank you again and again for your kind reply to me from a post ages ago about figuring out oneself and that road. I know I'm an anon, but you're so gracious to let us into your life and learn and struggle with you. Thank you.